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We’ve all at one time or the other watched the eviction shows on Big Brother Show. If you haven’t try to do so. It’s quite instructive. The show starts with 15 participants who live together in a house, and then we all, including Big Brother, get to see all the shenanigans they get up to. At the end of a given period, Big Brother evicts the most anti-social participant until a winner is declared.   Our relationships are very much like participating … Read More

An omelette is only as good as the eggs
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Watch the expiry date on your eggs cause they are for real. That presupposes you aren’t to buy from the corner shop down your road; the Mallam who ekes a living from the necessaries you run out of, or indeed the woman who apes Mallam’s business to enable her to ensure her kids remain in school. It’s really about eggs and what have to do in a marriage that’s my concern. When you make an omelette many things go into … Read More

Co-habitation does not confer marital status
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It is actually becoming fashionable to live together. Many years ago, a lady could only do so if her parents were in the village and had no means of knowing that their daughter lived with a man. Many were lucky, their relationships ended up in marriage and others were not so lucky. Some remain unmarried to date, and have resigned their parents to accepting that situation, with the introduction of grandchildren. Many more have become single parents by virtue of … Read More

The rules of the new job
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Okay so we have the new job,…… signed in acceptance but have not yet seen the Staff Handbook. Chances are there isn’t one. If there is……. it is out of print and there are no soft copies anywhere. Employees used to have a few months to get up to speed but not anymore these days. You are expected to be ‘hot off the presses’ these days. So ask your colleagues, ask until they tire of answering because it is you … Read More

Is Anger managing you?
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Anger is a natural intense emotional reaction we have when we get a feeling of being passed over; it can be as powerful as love in its display. The American Psychological Association says that it is a completely normal, usually healthy, human emotion. Anger could sometimes be irrational and everyone experiences it from time to time. It has been said that anger is an emotion which give us about surviving and protecting ourselves from what is considered a wrong doing…… … Read More