Who is your next of kin
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The marriage ceremonies are over. The couple steps into life as married people. What has changed? He is still the same height as before just as she still has the sonorous voice that drew him to her the night they met. The lack of any change is only on the surface; things have changed. She is now his next of kin just as he is of hers. Next of Kin is a badly abused phrase to mean the person who … Read More

Marriage Vows: What Do They Mean To You?
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Do you remember when you made your marriage vows? The day you vowed to love your spouse till death do you part. You would have been so much in love and have plans for a life of happy moments surrounded by family looking forward to reaching old age together. Many times it doesn’t happen. It doesn’t last till death puts you apart. You have hitches on the way and you both do not really care any longer about those vows. … Read More

An omelette is only as good as the eggs
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Watch the expiry date on your eggs cause they are for real. That presupposes you aren’t to buy from the corner shop down your road; the Mallam who ekes a living from the necessaries you run out of, or indeed the woman who apes Mallam’s business to enable her to ensure her kids remain in school. It’s really about eggs and what have to do in a marriage that’s my concern. When you make an omelette many things go into … Read More

When he says ‘I am outta here’
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Amanda couldn’t believe what she was hearing. How could Greg be asking her for a divorce when all these years she had tolerated his bad behaviour? He was leaving her for the mother of his child, the one whose adultery Amanda had tolerated for the last 5 years. Unbeknownst to her he had continued seeing the lady and now Greg was saying he needed to be with her, given that their third child was on the way. She felt like … Read More

Marriage Counsellor or Divorce Court; which comes first?
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Many people remain in an unhappy marriage for reasons ranging from the children, to the fact that God hates divorce. Others say they do not mind being separated, presumably because God didn’t talk about being separated!!!! Usually living together or apart he truth is that both are not happy at the state of the marriage and excuse their refusal to get divorced on reasons give about, among others. They do not voice their unhappiness to each other, even though the … Read More

Marriages aren’t the same as cupcakes
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 MYTHS AND REALITIES OF MARRIAGE EACH SPOUSE WANTS TO HAVE CHILDREN While they bring great emotional pleasure, children are hard work. Unless it has been discussed by the couple before they actually get married, not every spouse wants to have children. Many people get into marriage with this assumption and are disappointed that their significant other doesn’t really care to have children. This is particularly so where the couple find it hard to conceive and it appears the one of … Read More

We might as well eat the currency!!
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Many years ago a friend of mine saved a N100,000.00 when I could hardly afford N25,000.00. I admit I was jealous and blamed God for where I was at the time. She lived a definitely more austere life than I did but I chose to put that down to the fact that she had 4 children at the time, while I had only 2. I found all excuses why she lived an austere life until she saved N100,000.00 to my … Read More

Has your marriage broken down irretrievably???
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The law regulating divorce and other causes between a couple that got married under the Marriage Act is known as Matrimonial Causes Act (MCA). It is only relevant to marriages conducted as court or church marriages. The only reason recognised under MCA is that the marriage has broken down irretrievably. There are however some facts recognised by law by which a marriage can be said to have broken down irretrievably. 1. The respondent has wilfully and persistently refused to consummate … Read More

Can one rape while inside her?
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Chinwe stretched her legs as she took off the atampa scarf on her head. Thank God for the plastic chair in her shop, the one she always said wasn’t comfortable. She had been on her feet all day at the market where she supervised the offloading of the two container loads of wares that had finally be released from the ports. She had paid huge demurrage and needed to ensure that her team went to market immediately. Her bank overdraft … Read More

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Mary pondered at what the future would hold and how she would manage the family Chike had before he met her, along with the family they had created over time. Chike was battling cancer and all the indications pointed to the fact that he seemed to be losing the battle. She had learnt, through the hard knocks of life that relationships are empty canvases that people build over time. She had built a solid relationship with him or so she … Read More