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I have always been interested in family issues. When I worked in a law firm in the UK from 1999 to 2003, I was interested in family law, but because the law firm I worked in wasn’t specializing in family I worked in Housing and Property law for years.

I was always drawn to magazines that had segments on family life, child custody and support, maintenance in family, and this helped me to keep abreast as I studied a lot on family law and was always interested in the lives and marriages of women in the UK.

The family, husband and wife is the foundation of every society. The husband and wife produce the

sons and daughters, who become the next generation of husbands and wives and in-laws.

I wasn’t on social media until my daughter insisted that I open a Facebook account and I left my profile idle unless she came to populate it, until one day when people told me about an event from pictures that were loaded onto my timeline……..and then another person and another person. I realised the power of social media and participated until I met a certain Victor Ekpo Bassey who told me that my message could impact the world. I became his student.

We had conversations about my career and business focus and decided that I should focus on conflicts in marriages.

I started a Facebook community, Sisi Lawyer, where I shared thoughts on the legal aspects of land, business and family law. My interest veered more towards family issues and I have spoken about inheritance and other such matrimonial issues from time to time……but people didn’t even know about what a valid marriage is let alone conflict!

I see the journey as long and difficult but we are in high tide and steering the ship of family is laborious. The work is plenty.

I’ve always had a heart for women, especially with regards to their marriages and family. I think we take the matter of submission literally. Since we all like to excuse abuse with arguments about submission, I ask, was the Proverbs 31 woman submissive? Yet she worked. I work and all women must work.

As a lawyer with over 35 years experience and a mother of over 30 years, I know the pains, struggles and challenges of women in marriages, especially In Africa. I’ve been through these issues myself and I know what it means to feel helpless and alone.

I share my message of healing and empowerment for the woman who needs to resolve the conflicts in her marriage provide the best for her children and be financially independent to live life to the fullest. I believe an empowered woman is a gift to society and a blessing to her family.

I now help those who need to be empowered to live the lives of their dreams and be happy.

My name is Aronke alias Sisi Lawyer and this is my story.

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