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Sisi Lawyer seeks to present legal aspects of relationships, whether business or family, in an easy to understand format.

Why You Need Just 1 Great Divorce Coach

Why You Need A Divorce Coach In every marriage, you’d agree with me that certain ups and downs are inevitable. When you consider marriage takes mutual, conscious, and deliberate efforts of both parties, it becomes frustrating that you are the…

What A Divorce Coach Can Do For You


What A Divorce Coach Can Do For You In the course of navigating around the challenges and down-weights of divorce, a lot of people tend to lose their mind. Viewing it from a psychological and emotional standpoint, it would be…

Finding My Ideal Client

ideal client search

As she walked into my practice that Thursday afternoon, I looked her over and wondered if she would be an ideal client. Decked in an obviously not-cheap suit she wore her wig in a way that complimented the make up…