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Today it is important to wear masks to prevent us from community transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Stay safe. Keep them on. There are other masks that we wear throughout our married life, and they have nothing to do with the current virus. Masks serve various purposes and should be worn for a while for …



Infidelity is a robber. It robs one of confidence in self, in the future as well as of the past. It robs us of our self-esteem and we start to wonder if we are not as desirable as we may wish to be seen. Society is more tolerant of the man who is unfaithful …

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Visiting Your Divorce Lawyer For The First Time

Many people know when it is time to get a divorce and they approach a lawyer for that purpose. For the majority of people, it is their first-time seeking help from a lawyer and it is useful to know what to expect at that initial meeting. A visit to a lawyer’s office has some …

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Financial Considerations As You Get Divorced

Divorce is difficult as it is, but it is more important than ever before to look ahead to protect your own financial well-being. You did not plan to get divorced, but it is happening, and you should prepare for a new life. Hard as it may appear, we get thrust into situations that we would …

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Marriage Vows: What Do They Mean To You?

Do you remember when you made your marriage vows? The day you vowed to love your spouse till death do you part. You would have been so much in love and have plans for a life of happy moments surrounded by family looking forward to reaching old age together. Many times it doesn’t happen. It …

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