Need Relationship Therapy After Breakup or Divorce? Book Your 90-Mins Divorce Consultation

What if divorce is not the end of your world?

Sisi Lawyer changes the way Nigerian families experience separation and divorce through counselling, coaching and mediation

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How SisiLawyer Can Help You

90-Minutes Divorce Consultation

Our 90-Minute Divorce Consultation helps you navigate the complexities of divorce or separation providing clarity and peace of mind as you move forward with confidence

Divorce Counselling Session

Say Goodbye To The Disappointment And Confusion With Our 5-Part Divorce Counselling Session

Divorce Mediation Session

Stop the Fighting and Start the Healing Process: Book Your 3-Part Divorce Mediation Session Today

Divorce Coaching Program

Find Your Way Towards A Happier And Confident Future With Our 6-Week Divorce Coaching Program

Hi, I'm Aronke Omame

Sisi Lawyer is a family lawyer, wife and mum who is passionate about relationships, people, family and children. She is using her industry knowledge and skill to change the way Nigerian families experience divorce and separation. She is known as ‘Sisi Lawyer’ as she believes that your divorce can be something you can look back on with pride.

Aronke Omame


Clients say they have more clarity and confidence in their decisions after Divorce

"SisiLawyer's dedication extended beyond our sessions, as she followed up with me and provided helpful resources for my journey ahead. I highly recommend Sisi Lawyer. ❤


"SisiLawyer provided professional support during a difficult time in my marriage. She empowered me to believe in myself and make decisions that were best for both parties, rather than conforming to societal expectations and suffering in silence."


"SisiLawyer instilled in me the confidence needed to start a new life after my separation, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a familial bond when children are involved."


Ada's Love Notes

Do you know that just as marriage has responsibilities it has rights?

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