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Fred wiped the sweat from his brows. His vision clouded as the tears filled his eyes. He dabbed the tears from the corners of his eyes as he needed to clear his vision to see the road. He couldn’t believe what Clara had just told him at home. She was leaving. She insisted that they no longer had a future and it was too risky to continue to live with him as his wife. No, she hadn’t met someone else … Read More

Who is your next of kin
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The marriage ceremonies are over. The couple steps into life as married people. What has changed? He is still the same height as before just as she still has the sonorous voice that drew him to her the night they met. The lack of any change is only on the surface; things have changed. She is now his next of kin just as he is of hers. Next of Kin is a badly abused phrase to mean the person who … Read More

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We’ve all at one time or the other watched the eviction shows on Big Brother Show. If you haven’t try to do so. It’s quite instructive. The show starts with 15 participants who live together in a house, and then we all, including Big Brother, get to see all the shenanigans they get up to. At the end of a given period, Big Brother evicts the most anti-social participant until a winner is declared.   Our relationships are very much like participating … Read More

Divorce is never the first option
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  Divorce is not necessarily the first option in a troubled marriage; but needless to say that some are terminal and we need to put an end to them. Just like any event,  divorce needs to be considered and planned. The only time that I say run from your marriage is when there is physical and emotional abuse. Run, run, run and don’t stop to say hello to anyone until you are in court. If the issues that make you … Read More

Who is to be laid off next?
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First it was the banks and people wondered why! Now it is sweeping into industry, the latest being the 300 hundred laid off at Diageo or Guinness Plc in the last few days. ….and if you think it is to make way for a new 300 then you have your head in the clouds. Big time!!! [bctt tweet=”There have been a lot of massive lay-offs in industry recently Join our newsletter for law updates about business”] and survivors are … Read More

Do you really need a lawyer??
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[bctt tweet=”Do you really need a lawyer? In many cases, you may be able to solve your problem without a lawyer’s help…… “]If a company has wronged you, see if it has a customer service department before engaging a lawyer If a regulated industry (like a bank or insurance company) has wronged you, there is usually an agency in charge of watching that industry that you can contact. It’s also time we start establishing community groups which might also be … Read More

Is Ese now a muslim?
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These are perilous times indeed …..Ese from her right under her parents’ home in Bayelsa, to three unnamed school girls, Chibok style,  from College in sleepy Ikorodu town, the abductors seem to be having their day. Ese for upwards of nine months, three unnamed girls for forty hours yet, and Chibok within uncountable days…………., whose daughter is next? Abduction is not a new phenomenon in Nigeria but it seems that none of the security agencies have thought it is worthy … Read More

Are lawyers becoming an extinct specie?
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Graduating or qualifying as a lawyer, barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, in our clime, as in many others is regarded as quite an achievement. People generally are tickled by the cliché that states that only lawyers are learned, while everyone else is barely educated. I left Law School about 35years ago. A new wig, as we are usually called, made to believe by my society that the world was my oyster and that I had all … Read More

The Myth Of The Certificate Of Occupancy
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The Myth of the Certificate of Occupancy Before the 29th March 1978, the root of legal  title we had to land was known as the Conveyance( or sometimes Indenture). The Conveyance was usually a document of about 2 maybe 3 pages of the agreement between a seller and a buyer, containing all covenants and conditions of the purchase, which was registrable at the Lands Registry offices in each state of the federation. Generally, the Conveyance created what is known as … Read More

Should We Continue To Marry More Than Once
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Almost everyone agrees that divorce should be the last option to the resolution of a troubled marriage. Many marriages are troubled from the start and so the end usually has come quite early before the smoke of the tell tale signs start to show. Many people have also found solace and happiness in re-marriage and so all needs not to be lost. There are myriad reasons why a marriage fails, and even many more why people hold on to a … Read More

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