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An omelette is only as good as the eggs

An omelet is only as good as the eggs
Watch the expiry date on your eggs cause they are for real.
That presupposes you aren’t to buy from the corner shop down your road; the Mallam who ekes a living from the necessaries you run out of, or indeed the woman who apes Mallam’s business to enable her to ensure her kids remain in school.
It’s really about eggs and what have to do in a marriage that’s my concern.
When you make an omelet many things go into it but the principal ingredient is the eggs and have you noticed oftentimes they are made at least two eggs per eater.
Same with a marriage. They are made with two people involved. The inlaws and kids that come would arguably form the vegetables that go into the making of the meal.
When one egg is not as fresh as the other it brings down the quality of the omelet and salt comes into the rescue just as many other condiments.
What’s the bad egg in your marriage omelet?  If you had a chance what would you do again? Just as there’s hope for a less than perfect omelet there is for a marriage that’s hurting from bad foundations.
Capacity is downplayed in our society today. Bigamy like the LGBT movement is silently seeping into many relationships and homes. We are finding that many marriages are really a sham ab initio.
What is the capacity to marry? It is the standing you have to marry at that time in your history.
If you are currently separated from your spouse and yet to be divorced, kindly don’t get into a traditional marriage. If you do, it is bigamy.
I hear you jeer at me that no one goes to jail for Bigamy. Who says you won’t be the first?
Is capacity the bad egg of a marriage omelet? What about the tension that arises from constant quarreling? What causes tension? Sometimes it’s the in-laws? Sometimes the bad egg could be the different ays we feel our children should be brought up. Many times it is physical abuse.
Take a moment to think about this and let me know in the comments.
I am Sisi Lawyer I troubleshoot legal issues in relationships of the heart.

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