You Don’t Need To Expose Your Dirtiest Secrets Inside A Courtroom

A quick and easy mediation takes the drama out of your divorce. Schedule Your Confidential Appointment Now! 

“We Lower The Detriments Of Divorce On All Family Members”

Sisilawyer has helped hundreds of families save money, save time and long-term embarrassment

by going about their divorce process quietly

If you don’t know how to:
Handle division of finances and properties.
Thinking of how going through a divorce will affect the mental health of your kids.
Thinking of how to break the news to your family.
Scared to stack up attorney and legal fees because you don’t know how long the divorce process will take.
How to handle lack of custody and parenting time.
Are you ready to simplify your divorce by:
Making it affordable.
Making your children priority
Improving communication and cooperation skills.
Lessening tensions and removing adversarial atmosphere
Potential to relate better in the future
Having a confidential and private process

If Your Answer Is Yes, You Are In The Right Place

For you to have the best life after your divorce, you must ensure that everyone involved is well taken care of. To execute this properly, you must know the positive and negative consequences of your divorce and know how to handle it constructively. If kids are already involved in your divorce, our mediation process will help you and your partner create a sense of stability, security with a positive outlook on life – now and years down the line. You can count on Sisilawyer.

Why Divorce Mediation?

  1. It is time saving – Chances are that you understand the way your spouse behaves and can leverage that to save time and manage emotions.
  2. It is confidential – No chance of washing your dirty linen in the public court. Mediation is a confidential process. What is discussed at mediation whether together or with the mediator at a caucus remains confidential unless one party authorises the mediator to tell the other party.
  3. It may result in agreement of fundamental issues – An outsider, the judge, does not have to determine how to manage the family ties going forward.
  4. It is a time to negotiate – For instance, the issues of the children including custody and maintenance can be negotiated and agreed by the two of you and not ordered by the judge.

What To Expect From Divorce Mediation Session


After welcoming them both the Mediator will introduce himself and tell you what to expect. 


He will set ground rules, which will include issues of courtesies towards each other.


He will ask for a succinct statement of the issues from the parties, one after the other. 


To establish that he is listening with understanding her will summarise what each party has said and ask for a confirmation.


The purpose is to establish and get the entire feelings and story of the party, things that he may not have felt led to tell while the other party was present.


What is discussed at mediation whether together or with the mediator at a caucus remains confidential unless one party authorises the mediator to tell the other party


The mediator continues to caucus with each party until he feels that the parties have reached a point where they have offers or agreements they can put into writing and sign Terms of Settlement. 


Where the parties are unable to reach agreement on all the issues, they can sign Terms of Settlement on what they are able.

Litigated Divorces Will Cost You ₦100,000’s And MORE!

According to, by and large, the cost of getting an experienced lawyer for divorce matters in Nigeria usually starts from N500,000 and above. It is a litigation process, which can be won and lost. Therefore, the lawyers would often charge you based on their experience, competence and nature of contention involve in such a divorce.

That’s usually just the beginning. The more disagreement between you and your partner, the more bills continue to add up for both parties with no end in sight. With delays, disagreements, and difficulties resolving issues, both parties pay for the time needed to get them resolved.

That’s a lot of lost money with little or no results.

It’s crystal clear the only folks winning in court divorce proceedings are the attorneys.

What Others Have To Say About Sisilawyer…

”Thanks for being there for me. I appreciate you you more than you can ever imagine. God bless you real good. I’m really grateful.”


”No bitterness. No strife. Complete discovery of self and then you can give your all to the children you have decided to keep.”


Why Choose Sisilawyer For Your Divorce Mediation?

Confidential and private process 
Quicker Resolutions
Reduced stress and anxiety
Cost-effective compared to litigation
An Impartial Mediator
Faster Resolutions
Focused on your children
Focused on your family’s progress
You and your partner determines property division

We will help you resolve all of these issues.

Everything You Need To Know About A Divorce Mediation

(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Divorce Mediation?

Mediation is an alternative form of dispute resolution. People who have conflict, including couples seeking divorce or break up often seek mediation as a means of resolving their differences and reaching an agreement.

Will I Be Sued For A Divorce Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary process. No one can summon you. You are invited and not summoned. You may choose to honor the invitation, or you may choose not to.

Who Should Use Mediation?
  • Everybody should prefer mediation to litigation. Aside from being faster, mediation is self-determination of the dispute. 
  • A person who feels his spouse is more powerful than he is and better able to employ expensive lawyers should explore and initiate mediation. 
  • A person who has a lot of personal stories that he would rather keep private should explore mediation. 
  • Where there are children of the marriage and the parties would want to discuss their issues in a sensitive environment, mediation is a viable option. 
  • A person who does not like the court system should explore mediation
Who Pays The Mediator?

Since it is a voluntary process both parties share the cost of paying the Mediator. It is important at the time when the other disputant is invited to help him/her see the benefits in terms of costs, speed, and confidentiality when telling him about the costs.

How Will You Get My Spouse To Get To Mediation?

Because he or she is your spouse, you know his or her temperament better than the mediator. You will have had a discussion with the mediator to understand what possible resistance they would have. The Mediator makes the call or sends the invitation to mediation. He is trained in making such invitations.

What I f We Already In Court?

Usually a court would order mediation. This is free and the neutrals at the ADR centre of the court would arrange a mediation and facilitate an agreement. When it is a court ordered mediation, the court already knows your story. However, the process and discussions at mediation are covered by confidentiality and only the agreement would be reported to the judge. The judge takes that as the agreement of the parties and makes it the judgement of the court.

What Is The Qualification Of A Mediator?

Every Mediator goes through at least a basic training of 40 hours which include text and role plays. They are trained on scenarios and taught how to draft settlement agreements. A mediator is enjoined to continue to train and improve his professional development.

What Does Private Mediation Cost?

At this time, our services are N150,000.00 flat. Rates vary from company to company as there is no legislation for fees.  

Why Should I Use Private Mediation?

Not every breakup matter is ripe for court. Not every breakup matter needs to go to court. It is only a dissolution of the marriage that cannot be handled by a mediator. Sometimes the parties may be able to resolve issues of living separately.

Are you ready to leave that toxic marriage so that you can maximize your potential, fulfill your life’s biggest mission and happily achieve?

We are completely dedicated to our clients. When you choose Sisilawyer, you will be fully supported during the entire process until your divorce is finalized. We help our clients achieve amicable resolutions and avoid combative behaviour from all parties involved.

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