Reeling from a painful split?

Get the support you need to get your divorce done with Sisilawyer Divorce Strategy Coaching

‘’For men and women who want to make smart emotional and financial decisions on divorce’’  

Do Any Of These Sound Familiar?

Are you facing divorce?

Are you feeling lost, alone, confused, scared and overwhelmed?

And that’s before you factor in the emotional trauma that comes with going through a divorce.

Divorce is not easy. And whether you initiated it or not, it will be a difficult transition. 

During this transition, you will find yourself challenged in ways you never imagined.

While you may have friends and family always around you, sometimes unbiased advice from someone who gets it and has coached hundreds of couples on seeking divorce is invaluable.

You don’t know how to navigate your divorce process. You are scared of saddling legal fees and attorney fees.

You don’t even know whether you need an attorney or a mediator. The advice from friends and immediate family is overwhelming and has caused you sleepless nights.

You just want to do this right so that you can leave that toxic relationship, start to rebuild your future and rediscover the alpha, sassy, competent, and confident individual you were before.

And you are ready to:

Become the smart alpha male that were before?

Become the sassy woman, confident, competent, in control that you were before?

And most importantly, Live happily ever after?

If Your Answer Is YES, You’re In The Right Place 

‘’It’s time to take back your power!”  

That’s Where Sisilawyer Comes in…

What To Expect From The Divorce Coaching Session:

During your coaching session I will assist you with:

Overcoming the pain of heartbreak 
Coping better with betrayal 
Manage conflict better and find ways to resolve tricky issues
Empower your children to cope better with your break-up 
Boost your confidence and self-esteem 
Let go of your ex once and for all 
Create a future you are excited about 
Start to feel happy again

What Others Have To Say About Sisilawyer…

”Thanks for being there for me. I appreciate you you more than you can ever imagine. God bless you real good. I’m really grateful.”


”No bitterness. No strife. Complete discovery of self and then you can give your all to the children you have decided to keep.”


Who is A Divorce Coaching Session with Sisilawyer Meant For? 

Couples going through a “Kitchen Table” divorce, or those who can sit down and talk out the divorce without an attorney. 
Couples who have an overall amicable divorce process but need assistance discussing certain pain points.
Couples who are undertaking a collaborative divorce. 
Couples who are using a mediator for their divorce process. 

Consultation Fee


Best option for the client ready to divorce, but needs support to get divorce done with a strategy that works.

Are you ready to let go of your ex and move on?

Click now to book your divorce coaching session with Sisilwayer. Find out what support would work best for you from our wide variety of options to suit all situations and budgets.

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