Did you buy the road?

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Sam could not understand why they were erecting the gate on the footpath. That was his shortcut to the bus stop, and had saved him many times when he was late to get out of the house. The children felt safe using the pathway on their way from lesson in the early evenings. So why were those men erecting a gate there. To his knowledge, there hadn’t been any cases of violence or any crime along that foot path and … Read More

Business! You want liability or you don’t?

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Many people when they start a business think that the registration of a business name is the best, because of the financial costs of the registration. However many people do not know the difference between the two and the implications. Every entrepreneur starts business by registering a company. A company is an enterprise that is technically apart from the individual(s) that runs it. A company should be able to enter into its own contracts and pay its own liabilities. A … Read More

Do you really need a lawyer??

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[bctt tweet=”Do you really need a lawyer? In many cases, you may be able to solve your problem without a lawyer’s help…… “]If a company has wronged you, see if it has a customer service department before engaging a lawyer If a regulated industry (like a bank or insurance company) has wronged you, there is usually an agency in charge of watching that industry that you can contact. It’s also time we start establishing community groups which might also be … Read More

Is Ese now a muslim?

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These are perilous times indeed …..Ese from her right under her parents’ home in Bayelsa, to three unnamed school girls, Chibok style,  from College in sleepy Ikorodu town, the abductors seem to be having their day. Ese for upwards of nine months, three unnamed girls for forty hours yet, and Chibok within uncountable days…………., whose daughter is next? Abduction is not a new phenomenon in Nigeria but it seems that none of the security agencies have thought it is worthy … Read More

Joint ownership of property- till death do you part?

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Sometimes due to unavailability of funds and at other times due to size of a plot, more than one person choose to pool funds together to buy property. Many times, when they are siblings or a married couple, the purchase is made without a statement about what share each of them has in the purchase or in the equity residing in the property. They progress things by building together or even as many separate units as their needs require but … Read More

‘Force Majeure’ or ‘God Forbid’

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All of us love at least one person. We desire that it is well with them and will do as much as lies in us to see that they are happy, well and settled. When the thought that something unpleasant could happen to them, we shout ‘God Forbid’ as if that is the prescription for preventing ill. A fortnight ago I heard news that a grand aunt was in a coma. I thought and voiced a possibility that she might … Read More

Will your business be here in 20 years?

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Many people are reluctant to plan their post death arrangements. They somehow hope that all will work out well. , especially that the future that you wont be a part of.  Money and wealth causes a lot of trouble among siblings after their father or mother’s death.” What about your company? What is your vision for it? Is it simply to feed you till you die, or like Mr  Nestlé, Arthur Guinness etc you envision a company that will outlast … Read More

Communication is key

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As Adewale rolled over in their bed, his legs touched those of Ibifunke, waking him up. She did not stir. He opened his eyes and the adrenalin rushed to his groin. A quick glance at the clock beside her told him it was 4am. 4am on a saturday, a workfree day. He rolled back, shut his eyes to get back to sleep but his senses suddenly took a trip down between his legs. All of them were meeting there that … Read More

What makes people divorce?

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A lot of people do not want to talk about this topic but share we must. [bctt tweet=”Divorce is an unpleasant reality of any relationship. Divorce does not happen overnight.”] It is the culmination of a series of destructive actions that eventually make the marriage breakdown. When a marriage is not valid there cannot be a divorce but there can still be a breakdown of the relationship of a couple who are not married. [bctt tweet=”Lack of communication, using sex … Read More

Flip your poverty, flip property

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Bayo had just finished his service year, working for Unlimited Estates Limited. Chief Kudi had done so many renovations in the one year that he worked there, property renovation business was not a low cost business. He had read and heard so much about money laundering that Bayo suspected that his boss was probably dealing with funds from crimes. Each time he thought about how easy Chief seemed to purchase and dispose of property, Bayo’s mind went to the class … Read More

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