When Daddy Never Comes Home

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Sometimes there isn’t a daddy that is coming home. He either doesn’t exist because the mum doesn’t know him, she was raped, or he is dead.  Life happens and rape isn’t the end of life. Not many people prepare for death and so leave the care to the surviving spouse or partner. There are many considerations that should be uppermost on the minds of parents who find themselves in these situations? Until they get married again or indeed for the … Read More

5 Reasons Why Parents Do Not Look After Their Kids

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Who is a solo parent? It could be someone who is married, divorced, separated or never been married. Society is generally unkind to women who parent alone outside of marriage and sympathetic to those who solo parent within a marriage. Those ones are considered as unfortunate in their relationships. There is a growing number of single ladies who are procreating without need for a husband or a marriage relationship. Until outlawed, these ladies are part of the society they live … Read More

Marriages aren’t the same as cupcakes

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 MYTHS AND REALITIES OF MARRIAGE EACH SPOUSE WANTS TO HAVE CHILDREN While they bring great emotional pleasure, children are hard work. Unless it has been discussed by the couple before they actually get married, not every spouse wants to have children. Many people get into marriage with this assumption and are disappointed that their significant other doesn’t really care to have children. This is particularly so where the couple find it hard to conceive and it appears the one of … Read More

Divorce is never the first option

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  Divorce is not necessarily the first option in a troubled marriage; but needless to say that some are terminal and we need to put an end to them. Just like any event,  divorce needs to be considered and planned. The only time that I say run from your marriage is when there is physical and emotional abuse. Run, run, run and don’t stop to say hello to anyone until you are in court. If the issues that make you … Read More

Co-habitation does not confer marital status

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It is actually becoming fashionable to live together. Many years ago, a lady could only do so if her parents were in the village and had no means of knowing that their daughter lived with a man. Many were lucky, their relationships ended up in marriage and others were not so lucky. Some remain unmarried to date, and have resigned their parents to accepting that situation, with the introduction of grandchildren. Many more have become single parents by virtue of … Read More

are you sure you have not been scammed?

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Land ownership is great and does not have to be cumbersome the way Omo Onile makes it. The Omo Onile scourge is worst in Lagos and Ogun States of Nigeria. Other states in Southern Nigeria have their own local parallels and I have heard of some of them, strangely, in Abuja. Who is Omo Onile? ……He is a land urchin. He sells lands that he has no right to and sometimes obtains forged documents to prove his title. Omo Onile … Read More

We might as well eat the currency!!

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Many years ago a friend of mine saved a N100,000.00 when I could hardly afford N25,000.00. I admit I was jealous and blamed God for where I was at the time. She lived a definitely more austere life than I did but I chose to put that down to the fact that she had 4 children at the time, while I had only 2. I found all excuses why she lived an austere life until she saved N100,000.00 to my … Read More

Has your marriage broken down irretrievably???

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The law regulating divorce and other causes between a couple that got married under the Marriage Act is known as Matrimonial Causes Act (MCA). It is only relevant to marriages conducted as court or church marriages. The only reason recognised under MCA is that the marriage has broken down irretrievably. There are however some facts recognised by law by which a marriage can be said to have broken down irretrievably. 1. The respondent has wilfully and persistently refused to consummate … Read More

Have you set your life’s goals yet?

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Have you seen the social media picture depicting that in life we don’t take the same exams and so we shouldn’t copy each other? The answers to your life’s issues are different to mine. Every business ought to have a vision and a mission statement and all the business coaches ask that we have such. Have you ever stopped to ask why we should have a business vision?  I read somewhere that vision and mission help to define purpose. They … Read More

Can one rape while inside her?

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Chinwe stretched her legs as she took off the atampa scarf on her head. Thank God for the plastic chair in her shop, the one she always said wasn’t comfortable. She had been on her feet all day at the market where she supervised the offloading of the two container loads of wares that had finally be released from the ports. She had paid huge demurrage and needed to ensure that her team went to market immediately. Her bank overdraft … Read More

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