Divorce Counselling

Divorce Counselling: Why You Need it to Decide to Stay or Go

Divorce Counselling: Why You Need it to Decide to Stay or Go

Living in uncertainty can be pretty much the most difficult thing you can face.
This is even worse when it borders on a subject as sensitive as marriage, especially when there are many reasons you want to protect it.

Unfortunately, this has been the sad reality of so many marriages – everyone seems to be doing it, so it will be nice for you to preserve yours.
Well, let’s get you started on your journey to living the life you always desired.


You are at a crossroad – it seems very safe to leave and also appears quite risky to stay. You desire to evaluate your options, but your emotions are standing in the way of good judgement.

In a bid to salvage what’s left of your marriage, your trusted friends, colleagues and relatives have expressed an opinion or offered sensible pieces of advice. But, through it all, you know no one has the answers or solutions you so desperately seek.

The truth remains they can only empathize with your struggle, and not change it entirely.
Your place of turmoil can be likened to a buried corpse. Just like the grave is meant for the deceased only, so is your problem meant for you alone.

You always wonder if there is life in the grave, but then there is no one in the world to make decisions for you.
Upon evaluating your relationship, you find the sex can be better, but the chemistry stopped flowing for a while now. How can sex be good without chemistry?

Each time he or she does something you ascribe bad intent. That also tells in the bedroom. You simply feel frustrated and your whole existence craves positive change.

Why is the money good? You reckon that though your bank account isn’t amazingly huge, you are getting a succor in the form of benefits. The rent is paid and the bills are promptly taken care of.

You are happy to stay tight in the bud of that relationship even though you ask when the flower will bud. Probably never!
Many buds have been known never to form completely and do not die until they are unable to thrive within the tight space.
They finally start taking shape and form, and the next thing, they are shriveling up, wrinkling and dying so fast. Never to blossom.

There is no drama, no surprises, and no sensation whatsoever. You are both there and it seems you are not.
No extant traces of connection, minimal intimacy, or worse still, no affection. You are passionately doing marriage for the audience and faking a good marriage.

Let me ask you: for whom? And for what? You don’t want them to know there’s trouble in what appears to be a model marriage, right?
Life should be lived for oneself, happily! You can only be the key source of your own happiness. If you can’t find happiness from within you, where else would you find it?

We all want and hope to have a long life, but why are you slowly cutting short yours? Why would you want to live 40 years in an unfulfilling relationship? Whose happiness should you be feeding at the expense of yours?

Do you know there can be a way out? Divorce or restructure – and the good thing is, it’s your call to make!
When was the last time you had a medical check-up? Possibly last month or just last year, right?

In the same light, when was the last time you discussed a health-related issue with someone else? Probably just in the last half an hour.

Why are you so concerned about your health? Could it be that you do not want to die just yet? You want to go to heaven one day, but it’s not yet time.

The same way your relationship will have to end one day…when death parts you, but you don’t want to give in just yet.
You don’t want to kill your marriage and you don’t want it to kill you either…. Remember the analogy about the corpse that lies alone in the grave.

5 Questions To Ask To Make You Confident In Divorce

All these questions are puzzles demanding attention, self-honesty, and absolute clarity to solve. You want the right answers. The right decision for you will look completely different to someone else. While some people will advise you to leave, others will prefer you stay. So you trouble yourself so much by asking: should I leave, or should I stay?

The fact that you’re having a horrendous time deciding which path to follow is why you need a divorce coach. A divorce coach is poised to take you through a check-up of where your heart is and where it should be.

When you attend some sessions with a divorce coach, you will have a clearer understanding of where you are and what you ought to do in your dilemma.

Accordingly, you will achieve the following results upon attending divorce counselling sessions:

  1. Proper understanding of the various stages of grief, identifying where you are and adopting bespoke strategies for traversing the stages.
  2. You’ll be in a better place to ascertain and establish if the relationship is worth saving and tools for saving it.
  3. Be ready to move on emotionally, psychologically, and legally if that is your reality.
  4. You will get tips for surviving and thriving if divorce is your option or you are going through the process.
  5. If salvaging the relationship is your option, the tips would position you to understand the actions needed for survival in it.

Is it worth keeping your life on autopilot? It is your decision to take because you need to be in a life that works.
You need to become filled with life. Stop being a walking dead. Stop living in the grave because that’s not where you are meant to be.

You need to extricate yourself from the heartache and life-threatening trauma that comes with a dead or dying relationship.
Decide today if it is safer to stay or better to leave. Join the Divorce Clinic by clicking here


There are many reasons you have to live your best life in the midst of the troubles bedevilling your marriage.
As much as it is your right to make the best decision, it would be in your best interest to seek professional divorce counselling in helping you achieve that goal.

Come in today let’s help you resolve your uncertainties, insecurities, and self-insincerity, so you can navigate through life with precision and better results.


5 Questions To Ask To Make You Confident In Divorce

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