6 Self Care During Divorce

6 Self Care During Divorce

Seek company of friends who do not demonise your ex.

At this time its easy to think that your ex is a demon. They have betrayed you one way of another but then that’s probably how best they know. At a time like this you need one or two shoulder to cry or lean on. Choose wisely. Such friends should seek your good not you ex’s bad.

Choose an attorney who knows what he is doing

There are many lawyers who regard dissolution of a marriage work for chaeap money. Hevaen help you if you meet a divorce lawyer on the other side. You will get the divorce but they willhave torn your emotions to pieces. Choose well . (Link blog article)

Take a Divorce Holiday

Sometimes we just need to stop talking about what the ex has done. Keeping them top of mind isn’t going to make it easy for you. It actually makes it harder for you to heal. Take a holiday from thinking about them. One day, then one week and you will wonder how you made it through.

Tension does not help the children cope

Childfen would always want mummy and daddy to be together , but we don’t always get our first choices. Do not make it worse   by slandering the other parent, cursing them on the phone withon earshpot of the kids. The effect of living in a tense atmospaher has rippling effect on them for ever.

Get a support team

At a time like this you need to build a support team. It should consist of those friends who do not demonise your ex, a divorce coach, a financial adviser and a wellness coach or buddy. Choose well.

Establish that divorce is not failure

Would you consider yourself a failure if your spouse died? Not exactly! You would simply walk through the grief process and seek happiness as you move on. So it is with Divocre- the death of a marriage. The fact that it dint work does not mean you have failed. Stop allowing opinion of ours describe who you are.

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