When he says ‘I am outta here’
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Amanda couldn’t believe what she was hearing. How could Greg be asking her for a divorce when all these years she had tolerated his bad behaviour? He was leaving her for the mother of his child, the one whose adultery Amanda had tolerated for the last 5 years. Unbeknownst to her he had continued seeing the lady and now Greg was saying he needed to be with her, given that their third child was on the way. She felt like … Read More

We might as well eat the currency!!
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Many years ago a friend of mine saved a N100,000.00 when I could hardly afford N25,000.00. I admit I was jealous and blamed God for where I was at the time. She lived a definitely more austere life than I did but I chose to put that down to the fact that she had 4 children at the time, while I had only 2. I found all excuses why she lived an austere life until she saved N100,000.00 to my … Read More

Can one rape while inside her?
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Chinwe stretched her legs as she took off the atampa scarf on her head. Thank God for the plastic chair in her shop, the one she always said wasn’t comfortable. She had been on her feet all day at the market where she supervised the offloading of the two container loads of wares that had finally be released from the ports. She had paid huge demurrage and needed to ensure that her team went to market immediately. Her bank overdraft … Read More

Off the Plan!!! To buy or not to buy?
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You must have noticed the new trend where companies are offering members of the public, landed property at instalment payment terms. It is called buying off the plan. Buying off the plan is the process where a person buys property before it is a built simply by looking at and visualizing the property from a plan. However I am writing to you about land and not necessarily a house. The points here would substantially cover both. Here is a list … Read More

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Mary pondered at what the future would hold and how she would manage the family Chike had before he met her, along with the family they had created over time. Chike was battling cancer and all the indications pointed to the fact that he seemed to be losing the battle. She had learnt, through the hard knocks of life that relationships are empty canvases that people build over time. She had built a solid relationship with him or so she … Read More

We are all abusing or being abused…where are you?
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Suddenly there is a new wave of deaths from domestic violence. A woman, it is reported in Kwara, was butchered to death and her mum severely wounded because she refused the love advances of a man. Ronke Shonde was slapped by her husband because she took his N20,000.00; meanwhile his reason for slapping her was because she was dating a manager of a publishing company. How could she have been stealing his money if she had a lover financing her? … Read More