We might as well eat the currency!!
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Many years ago a friend of mine saved a N100,000.00 when I could hardly afford N25,000.00. I admit I was jealous and blamed God for where I was at the time. She lived a definitely more austere life than I did but I chose to put that down to the fact that she had 4 children at the time, while I had only 2. I found all excuses why she lived an austere life until she saved N100,000.00 to my … Read More

The Staff Handbook – Who’s weapon?
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Any company that has employees be they two or twenty must have a handbook. It is a document that conveys many things about the company and its processes to those who come in to work for you. Some companies that have temporary staffing mostly need to have a staff handbook as long as people earn salaries or wages from it. Contrary to what people think, a handbook does not have to be in printed book form. It may be in … Read More

Are You Branding With Law?
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The word on every entrepreneur’s lips is a desire to brand their business. Do we really now what branding entails and how to go about it? Many years ago I thought it had to do with the clours on the logo and the letter heads and business cards. Then I felt it extended to the colours on the company cars. I have since learned that branding is more than that. I recently downloaded the pdf version of the book; 22 … Read More

10 things about Private Limited Companies
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What is a private limited liability company? A private limited liability company is owned by not less than 2 and not more than 50 people. The members could be individuals or companies, but must be juristic. (Juristic means recognised by law as being subject to rights and duties). It cannot invite the public to buy its shares or debentures. It must be stated in its Memorandum and Articles of Association to be a private company. Unless authorised by law, it … Read More

Business! You want liability or you don’t?
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Many people when they start a business think that the registration of a business name is the best, because of the financial costs of the registration. However many people do not know the difference between the two and the implications. Every entrepreneur starts business by registering a company. A company is an enterprise that is technically apart from the individual(s) that runs it. A company should be able to enter into its own contracts and pay its own liabilities. A … Read More

Do you really need a lawyer??
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[bctt tweet=”Do you really need a lawyer? In many cases, you may be able to solve your problem without a lawyer’s help…… “]If a company has wronged you, see if it has a customer service department before engaging a lawyer If a regulated industry (like a bank or insurance company) has wronged you, there is usually an agency in charge of watching that industry that you can contact. It’s also time we start establishing community groups which might also be … Read More

Will your business be here in 20 years?
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Many people are reluctant to plan their post death arrangements. They somehow hope that all will work out well. , especially that the future that you wont be a part of.  Money and wealth causes a lot of trouble among siblings after their father or mother’s death.” What about your company? What is your vision for it? Is it simply to feed you till you die, or like Mr  Nestlé, Arthur Guinness etc you envision a company that will outlast … Read More

Sex in the office?
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What is the workplace? The office where you have your desk and chair? In my own understanding the workplace is anywhere the harassed performs his duties. As I set about to write this post a story came to my remembrance. Kayode (not their real names) loves his wife and they are the usual settled couple. Their kids are all at boarding school abroad and Kike now lives a life of boredom. Kayode has to work his bones off so they … Read More

The Power Of The Business Card
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The business card! Those little cards that business people share so that they maintain a connection. It’s always good to carry some good promotional material with you but really does the business card make the connection so much today as it did in times past? A business card is an entrepreneur’s best friend and there is no excuse not to have one. Its purpose is to communicate something about you that will leave a lasting impression on who you give … Read More