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Do you really need a lawyer

Do you really need a lawyer? 7 things you should know

Do you really need a lawyer?

In many cases, you may be able to solve your problem without a lawyer’s help…… ” If a company has wronged you, see if it has a customer service department before engaging a lawyer

If a regulated industry (like a bank or insurance company) has wronged you, there is usually an agency in charge of watching that industry that you can contact.

It’s also time we start establishing community groups that might also be able to offer you free advice on these types of legal matters

On the other hand, sometimes a lawyer’s advice can be well worth the money. He can help ensure that you contact the right people first, and that you don’t do something that will hurt your case later.

Lawyers, are not only for emergencies as have been stated above…..

A skilled lawyer’s advice can help you understand the complex rules associated with business negotiations and partnerships, estate planning, adoption, will and trust drafting, tax strategies and much more.

“It is wise to have a lawyer who you have a business relationship with on hand. Such business relationships are not established at parties or in the beer parlour.” They aren’t established when you are having general discussions.

“Lawyers are supposed to improve their clients’ quality of life by protecting them from situations that might later result in plenty of emotional and financial hardship. ….”


Marriage Counsellor or Divorce Court; which comes first?

need a lawyer
….Even if you are thinking about legal help merely to avoid problems in the future, it’s never too early to begin your legal search. For example, [bctt tweet=”tax strategies, corporate and employment law advice, and estate planning shouldn’t be put off for too long Putting legal matters on the back burner might cost you more in the end.”

A good business relationship with a lawyer should ensure that he
• Provides relevant updates to changes in the law as it suits your business and life aspirations regularly
• Return your phone calls promptly when he can’t attend to you immediately
• Honour deadlines, with a reasonable amount of flexibility
• Maintain a loyalty to you by honouring your confidences
• Discuss openly all billing matters that are outside the original agreement for services
• Refer you to talk to someone else when specialized expertise is needed
• He is prepared at meetings or court appearances

What else do you think a good lawyer should give to you should you need a lawyer?

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