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A hilarious, yet serious, book about the marriage journey of a now middle-aged woman. Ada chronicles different stages of her marriage. Everyone can relate to one or more stories. Sisilawyer gives counsel and highlights landmines that could be in such situations, giving suggestions of legal solutions in the form of short tips.



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Ada’s Love Notes is a warm, humorous and enlightening book about married life of a Nigerian couple, who enter marriage without any awareness of the legal implications of their married life, save that they have a monogamous rather than a polygamous marriage.

The memoirs are Ada’s and she tells 33 stories of events that happened at different stages of their marriage over a 33 year old marriage. Each story has a short footnote of the legal and other implications of issues arising from the story. Ada’s Love Notes is an intimate chat with the reader, flavoured with humour and deep reflection.

Whether it is about creating a bloodline, third party influences – particularly in laws, infertility, infidelity, discrimination, finances, inheritance, Ada’s Love Notes show that at every stage of our lives we are faced with life’s landmines and we need to have a counsellor on hand to help traverse the landmines.


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