Who is to be laid off next?

First it was the banks and people wondered why!

Now it is sweeping into industry, the latest being the 300 hundred laid off at Diageo or Guinness Plc in the last few days. ….and if you think it is to make way for a new 300 then you have your head in the clouds. Big time!!!

[bctt tweet=”There have been a lot of massive lay-offs in industry recently Join our newsletter for law updates about business http://eepurl.com/bUYpvP”] and survivors are being given more responsibilities rather than replacing those let off…

Have you been laid off or are you afraid that your role may soon be rationalised?

Believe me it’s not the end of the world. It just might have the silver lining that you didn’t see before now. It’s time to energise your skills for your benefit.

So you have never really stopped to ask how to become an entrepreneur….

Many carrots will dangle now; you have to be careful where you put your fate.

What interests or skills can you turn to money?

What Law Regulations do you think you need to know in the industry you are considering?

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Let’s start the journey together.

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