What makes couples divorce?

What makes couples divorce?

What makes couples divorce?

A lot of people do not want to talk about this topic but share we must. [bctt tweet=”Couples Divorce is an unpleasant reality of any relationship. Divorce does not happen overnight.”] It is the culmination of a series of destructive actions that eventually make the marriage breakdown.
When a marriage is not valid there cannot be a divorce but there can still be a breakdown of the relationship of a couple who are not married.
[bctt tweet=”Lack of communication, using sex as a tool to ensure behaviour etc all chisel destruction at a marriage. “]While many do not get divorced their lives become a mirage of what a marriage should be and they both live limited lives.
[bctt tweet=”A lot of unusual relationships are developing because the marriage relationship has been violated and reduced in potency.”]


Do you really need a lawyer?

Some people stay in marriages only because they believe God insist yet do not cherish their relationship, is it not a worse situation than being divorced?
[bctt tweet=”There is a current trend of couples sleeping in separate bedrooms…….why? What are other things that people do to break up their marriage?”]

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