We might as well eat the currency!!

Many years ago a friend of mine saved a N100,000.00 when I could hardly afford N25,000.00. I admit I was jealous and blamed God for where I was at the time. She lived a definitely more austere life than I did but I chose to put that down to the fact that she had 4 children at the time, while I had only 2. I found all excuses why she lived an austere life until she saved N100,000.00 to my knowledge. Fast forward many years I was able to save a lot more than N100,000.00 but it got me thinking about the value of money.

I sit on the Governing Council of a school here in Lagos and I know that he had hoped that because of the rise and rise of the US$ a lot of parents would be unable to send their children to school abroad and so our intake would increase. Yes it did, but only negligibly.

My sister left for summer holidays with her family two days ago and I start to wonder about this dollar that is supposed to be climbing unto higher rings of a ladder the way a pussycat does, when he looks at you as if saying ‘come and catch me’.

Life must continue. What is expensive for me may be out of another’s reach, while someone else simply sees it as increase in cost of living.

When did the average housewife come back from market to say that things are so expensive so she has cut up the currency into bits as that would go a longer way to fill her family’s stomach rather than the food sold at the market?

Spend we must, no matter how high the foreign exchange climbs. The time has come that we must search our souls to determine what needs to be shaved down in our expenditure.

Families are under threat at this time. Families have needs that must be met, by whoever is the provider; mummy or daddy.

There is no law that puts the responsibility solely at the feet of the father, culture and religion do.
Are there any ways the women could help their men? Or is it the men who need to chip in towards housekeeping?

What ways are you managing in this economy? What areas do you think one can cut down? Let me hear from you on this one so we can help each other.

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