We are all abusing or being abused…where are you?

Suddenly there is a new wave of deaths from domestic violence.

A woman, it is reported in Kwara, was butchered to death and her mum severely wounded because she refused the love advances of a man.

Ronke Shonde was slapped by her husband because she took his N20,000.00; meanwhile his reason for slapping her was because she was dating a manager of a publishing company. How could she have been stealing his money if she had a lover financing her? Is adultery a reason for heaven-bound slapping? The ‘slap’ sent her to heaven. He slapped her near the staircase but her body was found on their living room floor in a pool of blood.

….and so the stories keep coming daily

…..the stories of sexual harassment of female students by mail teachers seem to take the back stage in all these. Are the girls on the start of their life journey of harassment?

Shakespeare says the world’s a stage and we are all actors, we have our entries and exits. What is our own entry in this scheme of things? Do we simply sit still and watch or do we counsel our friends, sisters and siblings that marriage is not a do or die?

Where are you on this Power Wheel? Are you sure you are not being abused, however subtle?

Power Wheel courtesy of Lagos State Domestic Violence and Sexual Response Team.

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