Uncle, I am diligent o ……thanks for rewarding me.

This story is dedicated to being diligent at whatever you set out to do.

My mum comes from two very large families and so there is no way I know all my relatives. It is work enough keeping up with those I know.

I was engaged by UBA to recover a number of debts owed to them and somehow most debtors always felt they could get away with owing; the attitude was that bank money belonged to the commonwealth.

Banks demand notices were largely ignored; most of the loans did not have documentation attached. That’s the banking of the 1990s. Thanks to Soludo Reforms.

So the writ of summons was ignored. The application to enter summary judgment was ignored by Alhaji and so we got judgment against him…..till we got to execution of the judgment. The one you all know as iffa (fife). It was not the time of mobile phones, thank God.

My staff with police escorts accompanied the Baillif to his residence at 5.30am. They knocked on his door at 7am. They weren’t armed robbers after all.

Alhaji swore heaven and hell to deal with me if his furniture, cars and other properties were attached and the movable ones loaded unto the truck rented for that purpose. I was not there, was only told but we loaded…….

He followed in a taxi and ascertained where his property were being taken to – the High Court. Then he came to my office with his office manager; Manager gave me a good telling off telling me that by the time he deals with me he would sell even the weave on my head hehehehe.

I assured them that if they brought the money that moment they would get their properties back. If they didn’t I would auction in four weeks.

I was totally unperturbed. Truth be told, I quite enjoyed the encounter.

By noon the next day the client sent me a letter to see the boss. There I met him. My unknown cousin, whose good reputation had preceded him for many years. I promptly introduced myself and we became best of friends till this day.

Alhaji was stunned. He felt his case was worse; he had gone to make a report. His goods remained with the High Court premises for 3 months while uncle found contracts for him to execute at UBA. ….but it gave me a chance to meet an uncle I had never met and who made sure he kept me busy till he retired.


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