The Staff Handbook – Who’s weapon?

Any company that has employees be they two or twenty must have a handbook.

It is a document that conveys many things about the company and its processes to those who come in to work for you. Some companies that have temporary staffing mostly need to have a staff handbook as long as people earn salaries or wages from it.

Contrary to what people think, a handbook does not have to be in printed book form. It may be in soft copy and sent to staff upon engagement.

Is it necessary to have one?

  1. An employee handbook conveys what kind of company yours is. It sets out the vision and mission of the proprietor and what kinds of behaviour are considered apposite to the vision and mission, especially.
  2. It has been described as ‘the rules of the road’ so that all employees know where the company is headed.
  3. It can be a good guide against legal entanglements with suppliers, clients and even the staff.
  4. It communicates to staff and employees the expectations of the company in the form of its policies.
  5. It sets out what the company will provide in terms of working environment.

It is a weapon of mutual understanding between workers or employees and the management of the company.

Due to the dynamic nature of many companies and their growth trajectory policies may increase or have to change from time to time. It is important that employees are made to acknowledge receipt of all new information concerning what the company is doing.

Do you have a company employee handbook? Here is a template that you can use to create yours

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