The rules of the new job

Okay so we have the new job,…… signed in acceptance but have not yet seen the Staff Handbook. Chances are there isn’t one. If there is……. it is out of print and there are no soft copies anywhere. Employees used to have a few months to get up to speed but not anymore these days. You are expected to be ‘hot off the presses’ these days. So ask your colleagues, ask until they tire of answering because it is you that the boss will gun for if you don’t blend.

1. Ask for the best and nearest place to eat. You need the fuel. Whether it s mama-put or restaurant. Ask about the variety and befriend Sikira if that is surest way to make her run your food and drink errands.

2. Find out where the toilets are, who is responsible for shutting or locking the doors at the end of the day any other obvious needs for office functioning.

3. Make sure you complete all HR requirements like blood and pregnancy tests, get your identification tag( HR will not announce you to the company except you are at top management level.

4. As you meet each colleague find out if they prefer to communicate by telephone, email or office face to face. Let me caution you though, do a confirmation email as back up. You don’t know who wants your head.

5. In our environment you need to socialise with your work mates. It helps to make you a part of the team. Some people have a pre-start prayer group, if you are so inclined join them at the time they start it, even if it starts at 7am. If they talk about football, ask questions if you don’t really know much about football. If they go partying at the weekend and invite you (they will after a while), attend. Even if you drop off later you would have established those contacts.

6. Make yourself indispensable right away. Offer to finish off those mini-projects that seem to be hanging. Report their completion and see your points increase. Work your fingers and brains out within the first few months. Try not to step on any toes but ……you will make some enemies just as you will be appreciated by those who matter.

7. Make a difference every day. Write out your personal mission statement and set goals for yourself within time frames. Ask for the history of the culture of the company and see where it takes you.

8. ………What is number 8? What have I missed?

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  1. Olafusi Kolawole

    Thank you for dropping this piece. It will go a long way in helping every newbie cope with the modus operandi of their new office and their administration.

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