Professional woman who wants to grab a chance to rescue her relationship from breaking up. You are most likely married and been following me on my divorce counselling journey. You are not sure, should you stay or should you leave the marriage? I am not able to take that decision for you but I have something that may help you.

The Professional Woman’s Relationship Rescue Kit consists of guides to help you to understand that relationship problems do not necessarily have to end in dissolution unless they are terminal.

Tell me if this feels or sounds familiar…

➢ Does it daily feel that you are the only one there?

➢ Is it becoming harder and harder for you to want to go home at the end of the day?

➢ When you look at your spouse, do you wish you had someone else around you?

➢ Is sex becoming a one-minute affair?

Living in a loveless marriage is one of the most stressful things anyone can allow herself to do. I

hear your stories and I totally understand….because I have been there before. It feels like hell

when you know, in your know, that you are two people living parallel lives. When there is sex, it is

so flat and plastic you ask yourself why bother.

I wish there were trained counsellors at the time, and if there were, I certainly did not have access

to them. We were advised by those who meant well but who felt that the place of a woman was in

the kitchen, bedroom and at PTA meetings. On top of that she had to earn her living. It was hell

for me until I got out.

No one told me that what it would be like once out. The stigma felt and smelled like an overrun

sewer and so I had to learn to be strong by myself. I was able to identify two friends who supported me as we helped each other understand the dynamics of a failed and failing marriages. Today one of their marriages is saved and one dissolved, but now happily resettled.

I became a family therapist because of the rate of divorce in our courts. I believe that there are too

many hearts that need mending and I have received trainings in Family Engineering as well as

Mediation besides my qualification as a lawyer of many years. A lot of people say they do not wish

to divorce, but they do not recognize that there are triggers all over their relationships, those things I call landmines in my book, Ada’s Love Notes.

 • Now if you recognize yourself in any of the situations described above, or situations that are similar,

you need to get The Professional Woman’s Relationship Rescue Bundle.

 • If you have spent a fortune on relationship counsellors who make you feel that you are at fault,

without acknowledging that it takes two to tango, you need to get my Relationship Rescue Bundle.

 • If you are at a place where you feel it is too risky to stay and too safe to leave, then you need to work

at your failing relationship, starting with my Relationship Rescue Bundle.

 • If you wish to understand what single parents as you are likely to soon be facing then you need to get

my Relationship Rescue Bundle.

Today is your lucky day because I am offering the Bundle for a few days at N3,500.00 as they are resources that individually cost more than as a bundle.

Inside the bundle you will get

 1) A digital copy of my highly rated bestselling book, ‘Ada’s Love Notes’.

‘Ada’s Love Notes’ is hilarious fiction that chronicles different stages of marriage, the landmines that she faced and my counsel on legal and pastoral avoidance of the landmine.

 2) My ebook titled Is Your Marriage Dead and its audio version.

Many people do not know that it is the daily irritations of living together that cause the deeper problems. This eBook, text and audio, brings them to the fore. They are the small ants that eat into affection and love. Read them and note them.

 3) My ebook titled Stilling The Storm Life as a single mum is hard.

You need a short guide to understand and decide whether you wish to consider that green garden.

 4) A five-part video series of the following things that arise in marriage.

These videos will discuss what you need to bear in mind in your marital and life journey.

  a) What is a valid marriage in Nigeria and if the validity is exportable;

Many of us are still confused and get into double decker marriages. Are our marriages valid abroad?

  b) What are the third party influences of a marriage;

Are In-laws, children, peer pressure etc relationship busters? Watch before you agree.

  c) Why infidelity is a robber;

Infidelity is betrayal. It tears at our confidence besides the knowledge of knowing there are three of you in this new life.

  d) Who owns the children in a dissolution of marriage?

The truth about custody

  e) When is the best time to think about estate planning and inheritance?

Yesterday and since you haven’t done then today is the best time. It impacts on dissolved marriages too.

If you don’t die but get very ill

what are your plans?


Get them before I yank this offer off!!!

What is in this for me, I hear you ask? You will get better informed and are able to decide if your

marriage is worth saving. By the time you go through my Professional Woman’s Relationship

Rescue Bundle, and you practice some with the exercises in the eBook, by the time you enjoy

reading Ada’s Love Notes gaining the knowledge, you will know how to do marriage and life

intentionally. The videos will inform and educate you, helping you to stay intentional. Your

confidence in your marriage decisions will soar.

So if you are in a relationship, possibly a marriage, where it daily feels that you are the only one


If it is becoming harder and harder for you to want to go home at the end of the day?

If you look at your spouse, and you wish they would simply vamoose.

If sex becoming your ideal time to bind or loose release from it

this is for you

But if you don’t care about how you live in an unhappy marriage

don’t bother…This bundle will irritate you.

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