The Power Of The Business Card

The business card! Those little cards that business people share so that they maintain a connection. It’s always good to carry some good promotional material with you but really does the business card make the connection so much today as it did in times past? A business card is an entrepreneur’s best friend and there is no excuse not to have one. Its purpose is to communicate something about you that will leave a lasting impression on who you give it to. So not only must you have one, but because it speak volumes about you its visual appeal is extremely important.

Have you considered that your business card could be a conversation starter to promote your business? What would stamp the impression of your business on the recipient of your card? Who says a card has to be made of hard card? After all, the first rule of creativity is “break all the rules!” I’ve seen people who use business cards that actually tear off a pad. The possibilities are endless. Here are some creative ways to make get your business card noticed.

  1. Use a different shape. Where others are using rectangles use a triangle. Or a hexagon. What colours represent what you do? It would be quite preposterous to have blue on the card of a conservationist. If you are an event planner or party decorator why not have one die-cut in the shape of balloons?
  2. Tell a visual story about what your company does on the flip side of your business card. Don’t waste the cheap marketing space. A company that has a number of products should print visuals on its card and ensure that there is a good mix, so each person you meet gets a different visual. Pictures of your products are unique to you.
  3. Keep your logo on the data side of your business card. A logo should not get in the way of your pictorial impression. The picture should have a life different from the logo.
  4. Choose the font on your data side carefully. Fonts give a lot away about you.
  5. If you have to travel to an international meeting restructure the information on your business card to include a translation of your data. Pictures present in the same language.

The etiquette of trading business cards

  1. When you receive a business card, read it over in the presence of the giver. It is most courteous, and, could actually start a conversation, that will leave a lasting impression.
  2. Don’t give your business card as part of the handshake unless you are making a sexual proposition. If you gave me yours like that, you have created an impression that would make me trash it.
  3. Give your card sincerely, not in an off-handed manner. You want them to remember what your business is about. Actually the state of your mind comes across to the recipient as being rude and arrogant. I have received such before and all I remembered was the rude, brusque manner not the business.
  4. Keep your cards well. Don’t give dirty or tatty cards. Don’t give cards that say ‘I am sloppy or dirty’. No one will want to know you.
  5. When you get home, don’t forget to send an email thanking them for the gift of the business card and stating what you could possibly do for each other businesswise.

Have you received a card that stood out in your mind for creativity and left the first impression fresh and current on your mind? Do you want to share such? Why not tell us about your business card?

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