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Fred wiped the sweat from his brows. His vision clouded as the tears filled his eyes. He dabbed the tears from the corners of his eyes as he needed to clear his vision to see the road. He couldn’t believe what Clara had just told him at home. She was leaving. She insisted that they no longer had a future and it was too risky to continue to live with him as his wife. No, she hadn’t met someone else … Read More

5 Reasons Why Parents Do Not Look After Their Kids
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Who is a solo parent? It could be someone who is married, divorced, separated or never been married. Society is generally unkind to women who parent alone outside of marriage and sympathetic to those who solo parent within a marriage. Those ones are considered as unfortunate in their relationships. There is a growing number of single ladies who are procreating without need for a husband or a marriage relationship. Until outlawed, these ladies are part of the society they live … Read More

Is DNA peace of mind?
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Kayode is married with two children. He says the younger doesn’t look like him, he thinks he looks like one of his wife’s friends. His wife visited her friends nine months before the birth of the child so he suspects something could have happened. He loves his son but just doesn’t know what to do if he turned out not to be his. He is considering doing a paternity test but his wife stresses he is Kayode’s and that she … Read More