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Fred wiped the sweat from his brows. His vision clouded as the tears filled his eyes. He dabbed the tears from the corners of his eyes as he needed to clear his vision to see the road. He couldn’t believe what Clara had just told him at home. She was leaving. She insisted that they no longer had a future and it was too risky to continue to live with him as his wife. No, she hadn’t met someone else … Read More

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We’ve all at one time or the other watched the eviction shows on Big Brother Show. If you haven’t try to do so. It’s quite instructive. The show starts with 15 participants who live together in a house, and then we all, including Big Brother, get to see all the shenanigans they get up to. At the end of a given period, Big Brother evicts the most anti-social participant until a winner is declared.   Our relationships are very much like participating … Read More

Marriage Vows: What Do They Mean To You?
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Do you remember when you made your marriage vows? The day you vowed to love your spouse till death do you part. You would have been so much in love and have plans for a life of happy moments surrounded by family looking forward to reaching old age together. Many times it doesn’t happen. It doesn’t last till death puts you apart. You have hitches on the way and you both do not really care any longer about those vows. … Read More

Has your marriage broken down irretrievably???
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The law regulating divorce and other causes between a couple that got married under the Marriage Act is known as Matrimonial Causes Act (MCA). It is only relevant to marriages conducted as court or church marriages. The only reason recognised under MCA is that the marriage has broken down irretrievably. There are however some facts recognised by law by which a marriage can be said to have broken down irretrievably. 1. The respondent has wilfully and persistently refused to consummate … Read More

Why not simply get a divorce?
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They arrive and sit together at family outings. At least the formal bits. This morning, like most,  they barely said good morning to each other but have an understanding that he tells her the evening before what time they are leaving and they meet in the car. Other than family outings you never see them at the same outing. One avoids the other’s outings. That is the extent of their current relationship as husband and wife. She told me she would never … Read More

How to avoid making a will.
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Seriously, no one wants to think about death. We really do not have to but death is planning for us and we all know that. In my experience it seems the older some people, especially wealthy men, get the more they believe in their invincibility. You better believe that even those who are in their seventies and above feel that there is still time to sort out their matters before death comes. Well, I have bad news and have good … Read More

Last Will, Current Marriage
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Abbas chose to marry Nkechi under their customay law and custom. He wasn’t disposed to having a court or church marriage. Nkechi made many requests for the statutory form of marraige because she wanted to secure the future of herself and her children when and if he pre-deceased her. She expected him to. Wasn’t that the expecetd order of life and living. Even if she did not succeed at anything else she convinced him to make a will. Death was … Read More

Communication is key
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As Adewale rolled over in their bed, his legs touched those of Ibifunke, waking him up. She did not stir. He opened his eyes and the adrenalin rushed to his groin. A quick glance at the clock beside her told him it was 4am. 4am on a saturday, a workfree day. He rolled back, shut his eyes to get back to sleep but his senses suddenly took a trip down between his legs. All of them were meeting there that … Read More

Is DNA peace of mind?
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Kayode is married with two children. He says the younger doesn’t look like him, he thinks he looks like one of his wife’s friends. His wife visited her friends nine months before the birth of the child so he suspects something could have happened. He loves his son but just doesn’t know what to do if he turned out not to be his. He is considering doing a paternity test but his wife stresses he is Kayode’s and that she … Read More

Desertion – Can be constructive
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‘I hereby pronounce a decree nisi, dissolving the marriage celebrated on 4th December 2018, between Charles Abayomi Onilenla and Nkiru Amaka Chukwu at the Nsukka Marriage Registry. This decree shall become absolute three months from today, unless there are extenuating circumstances that prevent it. This shall be my judgement……………………………………..’ Nkiru was in a daze, she heard the words ring out as if from afar. More was said about the children and about the access to them during holidays especially. Abayo … Read More

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