Do you really need a lawyer??
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[bctt tweet=”Do you really need a lawyer? In many cases, you may be able to solve your problem without a lawyer’s help…… “]If a company has wronged you, see if it has a customer service department before engaging a lawyer If a regulated industry (like a bank or insurance company) has wronged you, there is usually an agency in charge of watching that industry that you can contact. It’s also time we start establishing community groups which might also be … Read More

The rules of the new job
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Okay so we have the new job,…… signed in acceptance but have not yet seen the Staff Handbook. Chances are there isn’t one. If there is……. it is out of print and there are no soft copies anywhere. Employees used to have a few months to get up to speed but not anymore these days. You are expected to be ‘hot off the presses’ these days. So ask your colleagues, ask until they tire of answering because it is you … Read More