sex in the office

Sex in the office?

Sex in the office?

What is the workplace? The office where you have your desk and chair? In my own understanding the workplace is anywhere the harassed performs his duties. As I set about to write this post a story came to my remembrance.

Kayode (not their real names) loves his wife and they are the usual settled couple. Their kids are all at boarding school abroad and Kike now lives a life of boredom. Kayode has to work his bones off so they can afford a good life and pay the fees of their children; his sexual drive has dropped and sexual intercourse between the couple is now history.

Kike agrees that he is a good provider. She loves him with all the passion in her being also.

….but now she is bored from having too much time on her hands. She had the houseboy, Chuks, for company for the greater part of each day. Chuks the desire of the maids around!!!

She had seen what they see…. imagine! the way his trousers swelled from the crotch when excited.  She had to have him. She did and does regularly upon threat of his losing his job.

We all know the usual office setting or student and lecturer stories. Sexual harassment is rife and affects not only women but men as well. Why do we always think the victim is at fault?

The greatest and least known form of sexual harassment is known as quid quo pro ( one thing in return for the other). This happens usually to job applicants or contract seekers. Once the person gets the benefit the harassment is not ongoing until the time for the next favour………..

Another type of sexual harassment is within the work environment. Such environment involves a supervisor, co-worker or customer making unwelcome sexual comments or remarks, or suggestively touching or acting in a sexually inappropriate way toward an employee.


Infidelity – The place adultery starts

Remember the boss who accidentally brushes against the female worker’s bosom or stretches his hands across it to pick his papers, without asking her to pass them to him.

Harassment can be sexual and non sexual. Sexual harassment includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favours, and other verbal or physical intimidation. The legal definition of sexual harassment varies by from place to place and while some places define it in  their law others do not.

  1. Workplace sexual harassment is one of the most difficult and insidious to tackle, victims are usually in a position of vulnerability, afraid of losing their jobs if they dare to tell; etc. Sexual harassment includes a boss looking deliberately asking his female staff to show him her breasts or looking down her cleavage.
  2. Harassers are often much older and more experienced than their victims, and in many cases are even in a position of responsibility over them, making it near-impossible for those being harassed to complain, and really…… to whom?
  3. Sometimes women colleagues who have suffered such are the first to tell the sufferer that she is being sensitive, when it is really a welcome relief to them that the perpetrator has shifted his gaze away from them.
  4. Even the Police are not very sympathetic and may actually consider it either as a harmless joke or silly complaint. They usually make the victim realise that they wont do anything unless she has been raped and even then will blame and vilify her.

Next time you know someone who is being degraded like that set the perpetrator up and bring an action against him. Plan strategically. Make sure that you have ample evidence. You may just get enough compensation to start your own company, and will no longer need the job.

The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, in Chapter 4, actually guarantees all persons protection from all forms of harassment, including intimidation, humiliation and any behaviour that will demeanour dignity.

Be informed, be strategic, be sensible. You do not have to been forced into a sexual bind to develop your career or to keep your job.

Any questions, ask Sisi Lawyer, post a comment or a hint as to how to repel such lurid behaviour.



5 thoughts on “Sex in the office?”

  1. I loved every bit of it.
    Nice and informative.
    Although it is not easy getting all these evidences against the predators, especially when they are from the bourgeoisie part of our society.

    1. Really its not so difficult. If you plan to catch a rat you plan it, not so? But many people are afraid because they dont want to lose the job or the favour.

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