April 06, 2016

Legal Foundations For Business Weekend

Many years ago I bought an eBook called The Naked Lawyer which albeit, talking to lawyers, told us that we need to ‘Market, Brand and Sell YOU’. The book speaks to lawyers and non-lawyers alike. In short it counselled not to get caught naked without the properly written Professional Liability, Office etc.

In the same way, you ought not get caught without the necessary pillars that will hold your business for all time. You need to build solid foundations that will stand the test of time.

…..and if your foundations are weak, better strengthen them fast!!!

As an entrepreneur myself I know how hard it can be to navigate the scary details of small business legalease without help and knowledge.

Be honest to yourself, do you know how to dot the ‘i’s and cross the ‘t’s of the legal terrain your small business has to walk? You need to see to the marketing as well as other facets of the business, and truly you don’t know the A. B. C of Business Law.

You are busy putting things together to make good profits and build a strong business so why don’t you care about your lack of basic legal know-how, which will leak your profit away.

A simple slip of the foot could be quite costly to you!

How many small businesses can absorb costly mistakes?

A large company cannot afford costly mistakes how much a small one like yours. Don’t be a victim acquire the knowledge

At the Legal Foundations for Business Weekend you will learn the following:

  • Why you need to ditch that business name registration for a limited liability company;
  • The advantages of the limited liability company and implications for your business;
  • What your duties are as a director of your company;
  • What contracts your company MUST have in written form;
  • How your terms and conditions can become big print without  increasing the font;
  • What are issues you need to consider when hiring people
  • What is a disclaimer? How can you use it to your advantage?
  • Your business is your intellectual property so you need to have copyrights in place
  • What kind of succession models are avilable for businesess that outlive their promoters;
  • Renting property, what to look out for;
  • Why you should have passive income aside from your core business;
  • …..and many more

During the weekend we will look at three industry specific sample core contracts between you as the business person and your clients.

Our weekend will hold from Fri April 22nd – Sunday April 24th 2016

For a small investment of N30,000.00 you can be part of those who are getting legally clothed.

The early bird payment of N25,000.00  has opened till the 12th April

After that you can get a discount of N5,000.00 for every person you bring subject to the full payment you made for yourself.

Registration closes on 21st April 2016.

By the end of the weekend you will not only have a good and firm understanding of business law but you will have the following to take home in your goody bag (valued at  N10,000.00)

  • a download of my audio titled ‘Registering a company in Nigeria’
  • A one sheet checklist of what to look out for when renting business premises
  • A FAQs downloadable factsheet about limited liability companies

By the end of the weekend you would

  1. …….acquired legal basics for your small business;
  2. …….be able to confidently handle legalese and make it legal easy;
  3. …….even where you do not have all the answers you will know what questions you are expected to be asking about your legal affairs.

So how do you join this group of savvy small business owners who want to ensure that the profits they make don’t go into legal minefields?

So how do you get into the inner circle for that weekend

  1. We will all be cosy in a secret Facebook Group and you will have access to the Group for a further two weeks in case you wish to refresh anything you learnt.
  2. Group discussions will be from Friday 22nd at 6pm till Sunday 24th 8pm. We will determine the hours when I will actively be on call.You will be informed once you sign up for the course.
  3. Payment should be made into the following account
  4. Aronke Omame; Heritage Bank 1904032563
  5. Then you will send me a message on Messenger Aronke Vigo Omame with your name and email address to get my welcome audio gift.
  6. We will meet on April 22nd.

Thank you for trusting me.



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