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Mothers! Mothers!! Mothers!!!

What would the world do without mothers?

They birth us, nurture us, and are also entitled to live their own lives fully.

The value of a mother is far above rubies, yet she needs to learn how to improve her productivity by mastering a few habits.

The Rubies Must Sparkle!

It doesn’t matter what circumstances have brought you to the place, but being a mother is a special privilege and a great trust from God.

You are a valuable person whose capacity and competence to influence and shape a life is so potent and instrumental.

Be Awesome,   Be Phenomenal.

At the online summit, hosted by me, Sisi Lawyer, you will have an opportunity to listen and interact with seasoned relationship experts who will speak to the issues of motherhood that engage her as a lover, an entrepreneur and a teacher. Camped within a Secret Facebook group you will engage with each of our speakers on their respective topics throughout the weekend of 24th-26th March, 2017. As a lawyer you will hear from me, the legal perspectives to matters arising from each session.

 Deji Irawo has a passion to help men become better individuals, husbands, fathers, and in the many other areas of life they play in. He will be talking to us about how we can become a better lovers to our men, and telling us what makes them tick. You don’t want to miss his Session.

Phinna Chichi Ikeji certainly understands what inspires our children as they become adults. She  opens our eyes to the way that we can befriend our teens in this most troublous stage of life. Since mothering does not come with a guide book, she will share her experiences as she works with teenagers and their parents.


Ronke Posh Adeniyi, teaches us that nurturing starts from the home, and early schools teach or build on whatever has been instilled into the child from home. She explains and shows us how we bring into issues about emotional baggage into the care of our children and how we can get them out of the way during the summit.

 A woman operating in a man’s world is how you may want to describe Bridget Eleshin. She tells us about what’s happening in the heads of our men, and how to mine information from there for a happily-ever-after. Bridget takes us into how to take stock of our ways so that we have our men eating out of our heads.


  If you have ever heard Victor Ekpo Bassey speak about how to accelerate your business brand and 10X the value of your money, then you know that at this summit, you will get greater value than what you have paid. If you have never heard him speak, google him or ask around. eNuf said!

The price for the summit is N10,000.00. Make payment to ASK THE LAWYER ECOBANK 4182024307. Send payment details to 07062882332 for registration form or register your details below

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email me at sisi@sisilawyer.com.ng; Tel: 07062882332; tweet at me @sisilawyer101 

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