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Why must the relationship of landlord and tenant be so tense?

Why does a tenant feel that the landlord is out to get him, when disagreement happens, or the landlord feels that the tenant will damage his house before leaving?

The answer my friend is not blowing in the wind…… It is because they do not do enough research about each other to ensure their peace. When a landlord is anxious to fill up his property with tenants, does he often times take enough caution?

The tenant who pays so much money to secure accommodation owes it to himself to ensure that the property is adequate in every material particular. 

Is the Notice to Quit such a terrible document? Have you received one recently? Are you not able to search for an alternative yet? Do you want to know how to buy some time?

Do you have an agent acting for you? What are the details of the specification of property or tenant you should be looking for?

Read on…….there’s more ……..

As a lawyer with a lot more than 30 years’ experience, I have come across many instances where landlords and tenants lock horns over simple issues because of ignorance!

It is this show of ignorance that has led to the writing of this eBook. The time has come to stop relying on the ‘pocket’ lawyers. Pocket this eBook instead. 

In the eBook, I explain in detail:

Investigating the Property

What each landlord and each tenant should look out for before entering into a relationship. Why it is good to meet the landlord and why the landlord should make himself available so that he gets to see and assess the tenant, as the tenant assesses him before they contract

Types of Tenancies

One landlord, ………different kinds of tenants recognised by law. Their legal definitions and the legal rights attached to each kind of tenancy.

Covenants – Rights and Obligations

Basic landlords’ rights and duties, similarly tenants’. These are whether they enter into a formalised written agreement or not.

The Quit Notice and Possession

Requirements to be satisfied before a landlord can evict a tenant. Why landlords fail to evict tenants even when they have not paid rent.

Final Words

I also make you do few exercises to enhance your understanding of the issues discussed.

What else do you get when you order this ebook?

You get my audio recording titled ‘The Myth of the Certificate of Occupancy’. 

 What’s more?

Lifetime access to the Sisi Lawyer Facebook community for discussion of property issues surrounding landlords and tenants and of buying landed property in Nigeria. You can ask questions and relate to others’ experiences there.

How much are you investing for this?

This book is valued alone at N5000……. BUT

I am happy to let you have the eBook for N2000 ONLY!

This is a whopping 60% discount off the regular price!

Why? …because I want to build community with you in a way that will engage your thoughts and decisions about your property acquisitions.

A summary of what you will get once again…

§ The Landlord and Tenant eBook

§ Lifetime access to the Sisi Lawyer Property community on Facebook

This is fair enough, right?

Pay N2000 into Aronke Omame – 4183006263 – Ecobank.

After Payment, send a text message to 2347062882332 in the following format

Your email * name * teller number * Facebook name

Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive your files for download in your mail box and be added to the facebook group.

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