Last Will, Current Marriage

Abbas chose to marry Nkechi under their customay law and custom. He wasn’t disposed to having a court or church marriage. Nkechi made many requests for the statutory form of marraige because she wanted to secure the future of herself and her children when and if he pre-deceased her. She expected him to. Wasn’t that the expecetd order of life and living.

Even if she did not succeed at anything else she convinced him to make a will.

Death was to come to their marriage and not to themselves. The parties went their respective ways. Nkechi poured her life into her textile business. Boyfriends would have to do!

For many years Abass stayed unmarried. Nkechi did not want the burden of looking after the teenagers Waheed and Uloma. so he played mother and father until eventually Charity moved in with him and they expanded his family together. Charity had three daughters for Abass and as her sixtieth birthday present he married her and made an honourable woman of her.

Two years of greater joy then suddenly Abass died. Burial rites over, the family trooped to the Probate Registry to unseal and read his will. It was all heavily in favour of Nkechi and her children only, save for a bequest to his alumni association.


Marriage! What is all the fuss?

“marriageAbass had failed to re-write his will. Charity was visibly shaken. Her kids were distraught. Would they be able to continue their education when everything had gone to Nkechi, Waheed and Uloma.

The law protects Charity. Her marriage to Abasss entitled her to inherit as his widow. Their marriage nullified the will. What would have happened if they had not been married? She would have ended with nothing. Despite their divorce Nkechi would have inherited by virtue of the specific bequests Abass made.

Are you married to someone who was divorced? Was she/he properly divorced? Did you see the court order? Don’t leave your future in the hands of romantic error.

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