Is Ese now a muslim?

These are perilous times indeed …..Ese from her right under her parents’ home in Bayelsa, to three unnamed school girls, Chibok style,  from College in sleepy Ikorodu town, the abductors seem to be having their day.

Ese for upwards of nine months, three unnamed girls for forty hours yet, and Chibok within uncountable days…………., whose daughter is next?

Abduction is not a new phenomenon in Nigeria but it seems that none of the security agencies have thought it is worthy of attention till now. Abduction of girls seems to be taking centre stage at the moment yet do we hide them from public eyes as Moses was hidden?

What makes Ese’s matter anymore special than that of the three girls of two nights ago or indeed the 257 girls at Chibok?

Human Rights activists and lawyers have said she is not married nor has she become a muslim because at her age she cannot give consent to both issues.

Lawyers have said that Yunusa, her abductor and ‘husband’ can be tried both in Bayelsa and/or in Kano courts. This is a test case of the laws against child marriage and abduction. This is a test case against ‘royal’ protection of a caliphate. This is a test case of our laws on bail……..

Wherever, whatever, Ese is the victim.  She is the one who has all media eyes upon her. It’s her photo that has been splashed all over social media. She is the girl whose silly friends will point a finger at and snicker behind her back. She is the girl who will stare into space because her mind and body have been vandalised. She will remain the victim for the rest of her life.

Until she is counselled back to her default settings is Ese legally or illegally married?

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