Is Anger managing you?

Anger is a natural intense emotional reaction we have when we get a feeling of being passed over; it can be as powerful as love in its display. The American Psychological Association says that it is a completely normal, usually healthy, human emotion.

Anger could sometimes be irrational and everyone experiences it from time to time. It has been said that anger is an emotion which give us about surviving and protecting ourselves from what is considered a wrong doing……

Our anger could be a way of reacting to frustration, criticism or threats and this could be considered a self defence mechanism.

Others’ beliefs, actions or opinions could flare up anger in us and may affect our ability to communicate effectively.

When anger gets the better of us it holds us in such a tight grip and we may not get free of it for a long time. We may get angry when we feel hurt, rejected or embarrassed.

Anger could lead to severe health problems, like body pain, stroke, high blood pressure, reduced self confidence and limit our enjoyment of life.

Learn how to control anger and use it for good.

  1. Sometimes responsibilities can weigh you down and lead to anger and frustration. At such times give yourself a break.  Slowly repeat such phrases as ‘take it easy’ ‘relax’. The truth is the situation will wait for you to get your strength and perspective back.
  2. Watch what you say at this time. You will probably regret something said in anger, as you cannot take it back.
  3. Remember that what led you to becoming angry is one of the rough stops of life that happen to all of us daily
  4. If it is a situation that needs adjustment, plan the adjustment before executing it so you don’t get into a worse rut.
  5. Don’t fight back when you are criticized. That will lead to anger. Be open to a fair discussion of the problem arising.
  6. Most of all let the anger go and make space for happier and friendly perspectives.

What kinds of things make you angry and how do you manage them?

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