Infidelity – The place adultery starts

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She came out from under the staircase, out into the hall. The light, the air-conditioned hallway, the freshness of the environment momentarily ran into her head. She rests her body on the counter slightly hiding herself behind the pillar which went up into the ceiling. She was probably aware of her sweaty smell and needed to cool down and dry out before walking further into the hall.

The hall was almost bereft of bank customers, it had been a long day and Gabriel had been on his feet. At least and at last he could get to sit on the chairs reserved for customers. He had been on his feet all day and the heels of his shoes had eaten into a wedge, so standing on them all day wasn’t exactly comfortable.

She was the one I noticed first; she pouted her lips as if in a kiss and made eye contact with him. I traced her look and managed to catch his smile and wink before he looked away, surreptitiously. Then she lowered her eyelids and even I could sense the depth of the conversation. He got up and walked towards her, walked past her but not without making body contact. He entered into the manager’s office as one on an errand and that ended the wordless conversation.

The rest of the tryst was left to my imagination as I had to go. That was my stage exit from the drama that unfolded before many who didn’t see it. I had completed my transaction before he came out of the manager’s office. I wondered what would have been playing inside there too!!!

Adultery has been defined as sexual desire along with opportunity. Not all affairs or acts of adultery start with the act of sex. Office romances happen, and I do not mean sexual harassment. I mean sexual desire between two consenting adults. Gabriel and his female friend are security man and cleaner.

What is your definition of adultery? Is it the same as infidelity? You may wish to read this

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