Divorce Coaching – How A Divorce Coach Empowers You

Divorce coaching is a process where a client is taught skills and strategies to cope with the roller coaster of the divorce process. Be it the emotional turmoil that the client is going through or the day to day grind of co-parenting, a divorce coach helps the client to sort out the labyrinth of the grief of such a time of life.

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What Kinds Of Pain Points Are Reached In The Divorce Process?

Because divorce or break up is the death of a relationship, many people are at different stages and go through several kinds of pain. Some are simply confused and need someone to help them clear the fog of confusion, others are sad and angry at the same time and need to move on from the place of negative emotions while many are simply scared of what their tomorrow may hold. Everyone who goes through divorce goes through grief.  A divorce coach walks through that process with them and teaches and guides them in strategies and tips to walk from breakup to breakthrough.

When Is The Best Time To Seek The Help Of A Divorce Coach?

Many people start off from the place of denial, this is a good time to start to search for a divorce coach. A divorce coach is trained to understand the various processes and to determine the stage at which the client is at, thereby setting the client up for tailor-made guidance.

Can A Divorce Coach Help Me After I Have Been Divorced?

Part of the divorce coaching process is creating a clear vision of the new life after divorce. A person who is divorced and still feels unsure of what is the next step to living a strong and vibrant life needs a divorce coach.

How Do They Achieve The Process?

We use different tools, first to assess where the client is on the road of the break-up, and to determine essential steps for them to thrive, survive, and move on from the breakup. The client is given tips and strategies, including role plays to help lessen the pressures he feels as a result of the divorce process.

Visiting Your Divorce Lawyer For The First Time


What Does Successful Coaching Promise?

Successful divorce coaching is when the client has a clearer understanding of what he is, what possibilities the process opens into his life and thought process. A successful coaching period gives a client the courage and confidence to move ahead in life.

What Can A Client Expect From Divorce Coaching?

A client can expect an empathetic aid to walk the road of the breakup, hand-holding him to breakthrough.

What Does It Cost To Hire A Divorce Coach?

Like all services rates differ. Some make one charge for the process. Others charge per session while others charge for a set of sessions, where targets would have been set. We charge for the sum of N150,000.00 for a three-session package. The first session includes listening to your story, ascertaining your concerns and setting an action plan, whereby you get ‘homework’.

Our Process Of Divorce Coaching

The next session assesses the effect of the ‘homework’ and delves deeper into strategies that will get you into the place of healing. The third session is a send forth session where we will agree on what works, what needs tweaking and an affirmation session from the client. At this point, the client should have reached to point where he is better able to cope with the trauma and roller coaster of divorce. He should have started to see that there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel of the break-up.

Where Can A Client Expect To Be After Divorce Coaching?

The coaching may not result in a confident and unassailable person going forward. It is time to diagnose and start the treatment. The client is then put into the outpatient clinic where he will have access to resources that are available to those who have undertaken the divorce coaching. He would be invited to our Facebook Group which is a monthly subscription.

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