Have you set your life’s goals yet?

Have you seen the social media picture depicting that in life we don’t take the same exams and so we shouldn’t copy each other? The answers to your life’s issues are different to mine.

Every business ought to have a vision and a mission statement and all the business coaches ask that we have such. Have you ever stopped to ask why we should have a business vision?  I read somewhere that vision and mission help to define purpose. They help to set directions and set values.

So you know or have set the purpose of your business but do you know the purpose of your life? What is the direction you are leading your family? Are you a man? What is your purpose for your wife and children? Are you a woman, where is your husband in all this and if he is not available what is your plan and purpose for the family you have responsibility for?

Do our purposes include our extended family?

What is the purpose why we go out to work every day?

Business visions and missions have a purpose. It is usually to set our families u and to provide for them. The good book says that those who do not provide for their families are worse than infidels.

It is imperative therefore that we know and set our personal purpose and make all other purposes align with that.

It is only after we have set our own purpose that all else will make sense.

Will you identify your purpose today for your life and set objectives for five or ten year periods.

Write them out and find an accountability partner who will remind about and celebrate your goals with you. Why not join y mailing list to get updates. I promise not to spam you beacuse you have tristed me with your details. Join here

Goals need to be set today.


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