Flip your poverty, flip property

Bayo had just finished his service year, working for Unlimited Estates Limited. Chief Kudi had done so many renovations in the one year that he worked there, property renovation business was not a low cost business. He had read and heard so much about money laundering that Bayo suspected that his boss was probably dealing with funds from crimes. Each time he thought about how easy Chief seemed to purchase and dispose of property, Bayo’s mind went to the class on money laundering and how funds are moved around frequently to confuse its tracks………..until……..the day his friend invited him to a class and co-operation on property flipping.

Property flipping! How many of us have heard about that? Yet so many people are making money from it. It is the art and science of purchasing property, either in a depressed market or due to dilapidations, renovating them and selling off immediately.

Do you need a lot of money to do property flipping? Yes you do. It is also possible to come into it at a low cost level. Bayo was invited to a co-operation for purposes of property flipping. The purpose of property flipping is not to hold property but to renovate, rebuild or redesign and sell to make profit.

What are you doing to build your property portfolio this year? How are you planning to build that land that has been lying fallow for a while? Do you have experiential or professional ideas that you like to share?

Please let’s all learn

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