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Divorce is never the first option


Divorce is not necessarily the first option in a troubled marriage; but needless to say that some are terminal and we need to put an end to them. Just like any event,  divorce needs to be considered and planned.

The only time that I say run from your marriage is when there is physical and emotional abuse. Run, run, run and don’t stop to say hello to anyone until you are in court. If the issues that make you unhappy are ones that can be talked through, then find help before you decide that it wont benefit from any further help.

The decision to divorce a spouse belongs only to you and no one can or should take it for you. Whether you decide to remain in a failed marriage or you take the decision to divorce, once it is left to your family and friends, there is a limit to the extent of support they can give to you; financially, emotionally or howsoever.

Is your troubled marriage due for divorce or can it be restructured and strengthened? Listen up and let’s discuss.

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