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The grant of custody is not the evidence of victory in that battle. The incidences of custody, victor or vanquished, are very emotional and is a lot of hard work. The law says that in awarding custody the best interest of the child shall be of paramount consideration.

What is the best interest of your child? Your own ego? Custody is fraught with tears and frustrations whatever side of the fence that you are.

Custody is delicate and should not be handed with kid gloves. It is not easy to be an intentional parent to a child that is not in your custody. Let’s talk about the battles.

What you want for your child? What you are willing to concede and what is an absolute no-no?

Is your child in the custody of the other parent? Is he part of another family when he isn’t with you?

These issues loom large on the mind of single or divorced parents. You need your peace of mind to think these issues out realistically and dispassionately. You need someone to guide you. Allow Sisilawyer to be your guide?

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