Many factors lead to the end of a relationship. There is no reason why you shouldn’t surmount those factors and live a happy fulfilled life.

It’s not about getting divorced or staying in marriage but about the various incidences of married life. It’s about after the wedding till the end that parts you – divorce or death.

It’s about what life throws at us as we navigate the turbulent waters of marriage, and if it’s time to jump ship.

Many factors lead to the end of a marriage even before there is any marriage. single parenthood is not easy for anyone. It’s the job of two people done mostly be one person. It’s twice the work for the love of self and the child.

Single parenthood creates a lifelong bond with the no longer significant other but includes third parties (The children). It’s a delicate place to be and needs to be carefully nurtured.

I share my thoughts on the life issues we face in relationships of the heart.

Are you a single parent, divorced or never married? Is there something that is eating you up and you need to exhale?

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