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Communication is key

Communication is key

Communication is key

As Adewale rolled over in their bed, his legs touched those of Ibifunke, waking him up. She did not stir. He opened his eyes and the adrenalin rushed to his groin. A quick glance at the clock beside her told him it was 4am. 4am on a saturday, a workfree day. He rolled back, shut his eyes to get back to sleep but his senses suddenly took a trip down between his legs. All of them were meeting there that morning. The more he ignored,the harder his groin throbbed.

He gave up and started to touch her. She was still at the dance party in dreamland. The noise of that ‘music’ stopped her from hearing her husband’s call. His persistence paid off and she responded to him……. No they did not make love; she refused. She told him off, took a pillow and her wrapper from the previous afternoon and finished her sleep on the living room sofa. Was that all he could think about…..she wondered as she dozed off.

Adewale’s turgidity took a deflation. The meeting of his senses cut short in great disappointment. He was not going to force her. He was through with having to beg her. He had promised himself that she would be the only woman for him but now she was leading him to change his mind.

Ibifunke opened her eyes, and as they focused she saw her husband sitting on the chair opposite, waiting for her to wake up. ‘We need to talk and we need to talk now.’ Irritation set in as she sat up.

Adewale noticed her half naked body as she swung her legs to sit upright. His desire for this woman had not ceased even after three children. He wanted to build a strong family, he worked hard and it was for his family, this one. So he wondered why she was pushing him away. He was, not just handsome and good looking, but well off financially too. He was a powerful dresser and the cynosure of all eyes….and did he know it…… course he did.

Ibifunke listened patiently as he declared his intentions for them as a family and wondered why she was pushing him out……..she had no response other than that it was too early in the morning. She clearly had some issues she was not ready to discuss……

“Relationship is the basis of all interaction, either with a human being or a pet.”

“Relationships are built on communication.”

“The problem with many relationships is a lack of communication. ”

Communication can be both verbal and physical. It is a skill built by practice.

Imagine that a week old baby communicates his need for affection or cuddling by crying or sucking his thumb. The parent’s response will be to pick up the child and rock it. The child sleeps off in the comfort of that love. They have both communicated. They have communicated their love for each other.

Why as adults do we lose our ability to communicate, why are we not able to let the other person know how or what we feel about them, at different times?two hands

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